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resources for educating young children and diverse

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when attempting to enhance the reading skills of a five year old child with a learning disability its important to?
(a)read stories to more than one child at a time to facilitate group discussion
(b)point out the components of the story such as the title
(c)encourage children to use the process of elimination when matching sounds with pictures
(d)ask the child to give you an object based on the letter rather than the phonetic sound

my answer is d

which of the following statements about gifted children between six and nine years of age is true?
(a)they tend to read fewer books than non-gifted children
(b)they tend to ask many questions and are fascinated by details
(c)they'll thrive in group discussions
(d)they're prone to emotional maladjustments

my answer is b

which of the following statements about adapting a curriculum to children with learning differences is true?
(a)when teaching mathematics always try to relate the concept to its use in everyday life
(b)dont teach students to print but rather have them practice cursive writing from the start
(c)children with spelling difficulties should be discouraged from working on computers
(d)when teaching science avoid cause and effect reasoning as it discourages student interest in the sudject

my answer is a

when attempting to instill self esteem in a child with an orthopedic impairment its best to?
(a)simply pretend that the impairment doesnt exist
(b)tell the child that in a few years there will be a cure for the condition
(c)help the child devise responses to discrimination
(d)exclude any activity that the child cannot do independently

my answer is c

please someone check my answers

  • resources for educating young children and diverse -

    please someone help

  • resources for educating young children and diverse -

    These are very specific to the highly specialized subject you are studying -- what does your text say about all this.

    My inclinations are these, but there's no guarantee I'm right:

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