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A jet plane lands with a speed of 110 m/s and
can decelerate uniformly at a maximum rate
of 4.1 m/s2 as it comes to rest.
Can this plane land at an airport where
the runway is 0.80 km long? Answer this by
Answer in units of km

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    Since the question is yes/no, units don't matter much.

    The first step is to see how long it takes to decelerate from 110 to 0 at -4.1/sec: 110/4.1 = 26.829 sec

    Now, the distance traveled is 1/2 at^2 = 1/2 * 4.1 * 26.829^2 = 1475.58 m

    Looks like it's gonna end up in the mud.
    Or maybe in the terminal.

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