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1. If a river is represents your thoughts is that an analogy or conventional symbol. I think it is an "analogy" but if it is a conventional symbol please explain why.
2.If in a story. in a brief intro, we learn about two friends and it sets us up for the rest of the story, is that the "exposition?"
3.If a song or poem is written and the narrator/poetic/songwriter remembers those dreams but it actually is that the dreams didn't happen to him, he created a "persona," correct?

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    1. Compare these two definitions, and then let me know what you think:

    2. I agree with you.

    3. Let me know what you think and why:

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    Check out these definitions:

    Frame story - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    (Broken Link Removed) to: navigation, search. A frame story (also frame tale, frame narrative, etc.) employs a narrative technique whereby an introductory main story is composed, ...

    Origins - A set of stories - Single story - Use of frame stories
    Frame story | Define Frame story at Dictionary.com
    noun. 1. a secondary story or stories embedded in the main story. 2. a narrative providing the framework for connecting a series of otherwise unrelated stories. 3. ...

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    1. I think I was wrong because a symbol is one thing representing another so that would not be an analogy.
    My question: if it was an analogy would it always be set up like a river is to dreams as a something is to something?
    3. it could be third person ominiscent, ecept if the poem/song/story states the creator created a persona(first person) then it can't be a third person ominiscent, also?

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    1. Yes, if it's an analogy, it always needs to be two pairs of things compared.

    3. Why not?

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    3.Because according to what I learning when an author creates a persona it is first person point of view not third person because it is speaking using "I" etc;

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    You wrote: 3.If a song or poem is written and the narrator/poetic/songwriter remembers those dreams but it actually is that the dreams didn't happen to him, he created a "persona," correct?

    Are those dreams being told by a first-person character inside the third-person omniscient narrator's story, then you have two points of view because you have a story-within-a-story -- a frame story.
    ~ Were you given choices? If so, what are they?
    ~ Is that second character telling his/her story in first person?

    You've set up (or have been given) a complicated storyline!

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    It was stated that a poet/songwriter wrote the poem/song as a first person however the dreams didn't really happen to him and then they provided an analysis essay and referred to the fact that the poet/songwriter had created a persona-that's where I'm confused

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    OK, that explanation makes sense. Yes, the writer created a new character (a persona) whose dreams are symbolized by that river. It it is obviously a frame story, but if that's not the focus of the question, then go with the "persona" as the answer.

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