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Bret and Troy have a blueprint of a design that they want to duplicate. Bret traces the blueprint to make an approximate image. Troy uses a compass and a straightedge to make the exact measurements and angles in the blueprint.

Which statement is most likely true?
A:Troy is sketching the blueprint because he uses tools like a straightedge.
B:Bret is drawing the blueprint because he does not use exact measurements.
C:Both Bret and Troy are drawing the blueprint because they are duplicates of the original.
D:Both Bret and Troy are constructing the blueprint because they are duplicates of the original.

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    Looks like B to me.

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    It's actually D.

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    Bret is drawing the blueprint because he is not making duplicates of the original.
    It's because in the question it states "approximate image" meaning that it won't be accurate and not done with tools. Therefore it leaves the other choices hanging because Troy constructed it.

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