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Regarding Thomas Paine's Common Sense...

1. According to Paine, peaceful negotiations and reconciliation between the American colonists and England were no long possible after what single specific historical event?
2. According to Paine, how has our connection to England made the American colonies weaker in a military-political sense?
3. How does Paine combine geography and religion to support his contention that British authority over the American colonies is unnatural?
4. What is the purpose of Paine’s discussion of the political conditions in Boston? In other words, what is Paine hoping to inspire among colonists who live in areas that are geographically, economically and politically distant from Boston?
5. What does Paine believe to be the ultimate authority for any new government created in the wake of the American Revolution?
6. Identify and explain one specific metaphor used by Paine to illustrate or support his arguments concerning the need of the American colonies to revolt from England.

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