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Can you help me check these sentences on family and hobbies? I need to know if the word choice is correct. Thank you.

1)I’ve got short, curly, blond hair and blue eyes.In my family we are three: my mother, my father and I (not me). Correction: In my family there are three people/My family consists of /is made up of/composed of …
2)My mum is a maths and physics teacher and teaches as a secondary school, whereas my father is a bank clerk. My father is an entrepreneur in the software development sector.
3) My mother is a civil servant organizing the administrative work for five different villages in the area surrounding my town (??).
4)We haven’t got any pets, but one year ago we had to help two kittens my sister found in a country field. My two brothers play basketball in the local basketball team called …
5)In my free time I like reading books or baking (not making) cakes. The last thing I want to tell you about myself is that I’m not really fond of reading novels.

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    1. comma suggested = In my family, we are three.......and I (I am one of the 3.)

    2. OK

    3. OK

    4. OK

    5. OK


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