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need help bad if one line as a slope of -3 and another has a slope of 2,which line is steeper and why? want to know to graph

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    Did you know that if a line makes an angle of Ø with the x-axis
    then tanØ = slope of the line ?

    so if tanØ = 2
    Ø = 63.4°
    if tanØ = -3
    the line leans to the left and the line makes an acute angle of 71.6° with the x-axis

    so a line with slope -3 is steeper.
    The sign of the slope tells you which way the line leans.
    if slope > 0, it leans to the right
    if slope < 0 , it leans to the left
    if slope = 0, the line is horizontal, has no lean.

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