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I posted this earlier and someone suggested google-I did research various sites but I was wondering if anyone could perhaps check my answers and see if they would be a correct analysis-thank you

I have two questions I'm working on for home work-could you check my answers and advise me the direction I should go-if they're right or wrong??Thank you
In the poem "Rape," Adrienne Rich uses the word "machine" instead "typewriter" whenever she describes the policeman taking the statement of the rape victim. This decision is part of what is called __________.



figurative langauge



In the poem "Rape," Adrienne Rich uses the word "machine" instead "typewriter" whenever she describes the policeman taking the statement of the rape victim. That is probably because "machine" has a(n) _________ of coldness and lack of human feelings.



conventional symbolism



I THINK THIS IS CONNOTATION?? I'm not screaming but just wanting my answer highlighted-Thank you very much for helping

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    I agree with your second answer, but not the first.

    An author's choice of words is called what?

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    would it be diction?

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    Thank you

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