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Math-Problem of the Week

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There are 32 teams in the NFL. 16 of them are in the AFL. The other 16 are in the NFC. At the beginning of the season Julia tried to predict the teams that would be in each Conference championship by randomly drawing 4 teams (2 AFC teaams and 2 NFC teams) from 2 hats. What is the probability that the 4 teams she selected are the same 4 teams in each conference's championship?

I came up with 1/16,334

Would that be correct?

Thank you!

  • Math-Problem of the Week -

    The number of final four team selections
    = C(16,2)*C(16,2) , (choose 2 from AFL and 2 from NFC)
    = 120*120 = 14400

    one of these will be the correct one,
    so prob = 1/14400

    (how did you get 16334 ?)

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