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I have another question about Syria..
So I'm trying to write a congressional speech about why the UN should go and help Syria.
I need to find 3 reasons to write about, but I only have 2 at the moment.
My first reason is that the President of Syria is an extreme danger to his people, and that the UN needs to go help before it gets as bad as the Kosovo War.

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    The U.N. wants to investigate probable human rights abuses.

    You might also include helping Syrians set up a stable government.

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    Thank you!
    That was really helpful. :)

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    I am not sure why you picked Kosovo. I should think the present intervention of NATO in Libya would be closer to the mark.
    Yes, Assad is a danger to his people.
    He is also a danger to neighboring peoples, Lebanon for example.
    Every replacement of a brutal autocrat by a more liberal form of government is likely to make the entire Middle East more progressive and spur economic development that will benefit the people of the region.

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    You're very welcome.

    Good luck with your speech.

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    Ah, you sound right about Libya, actually.. But I'm not big on politics so I honestly didn't know much about it.
    but from what I'm seeing.. the UN is helping by enforcing the no-fly zone?
    Other than that I don't really know/understand the backstory behind what is going on in Libya..

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