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I'm really lose with this problem...HELP
Using Cramer Rule If D=O use another method to solve

I don't know where to begin on how to solve this problem.

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    First in google type:

    Cramer's rule 2 equations

    When you see list of results click on:

    occc dot edu/maustin/cramers_rule/cramer's%rule.html

    and read text

    Then in google type:

    Cramer's rule 2x2 solver

    When you see results click on:

    Solver Using Cramer's Rule to Solve Systems with 2 variables

    When page be open enter your coefficients and click option:Solve

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    All that is good but its still not helping me with the steps to figure the problem out.....that is what I need not the answer but how to get the answer.

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