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I have to write an affirmative congress speech on this bill, but I'm not really sure about what the bill means..?
Can anyone help me figure out what it's talking about/what I'm trying to affirm?

"A resolution to promote justice and human rights in syria."

"1. whereas, United State Government has established a policy supporting the struggle for human rights and democracy."

"2. Whereas, the syrian government has brutally cracked down on pro-democracy demonstrators, and"
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"3. whereas, U.N.'s top human rights body voted 33-4 to demand that Syria end its bloody crackdown and cooperate with "

"4. an international probe into possible crimes against humanity.; and"

"5. whereas economic sanctions have proven ineffective in changing government policy; and
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"6.whereas, Bashar al-Assad turned down the US president barack obama's calls to step down from power

"7.Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED by the congress here assembled that the USA seek a UN resolution to

"8. to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country"

  • Politics? -

    1. The U.S. government supports human rights and decency.
    2. The Syrian government has brutally persecuted pro-democracy supporters
    3. The United Nations human rights group has voted that Syria stop its brutality and cooperate with
    4. an international investigation into crimes against humanity
    5. Economic sanctions haven't changed Syrian government policy
    6. The Syrian dictator hasn't left office, even though President Obama asked him to do so

    7. The U.S. Congress should ask the UN
    8. to do everything possible to protect Syrian citizens.

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