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AP World History

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I really need some help with 2 questions. These questions are based out of Chapter 1 in Traditions and Encounters but it is in really any textbook. At least 5 sentences long.

1. Give two examples of the human response to climate and geography.
2. Describe major migrations in early human history.

Please help me I did the first 13 questions and I am stuck on these two.

  • AP World History -

    You're in AP history?

    1. What's the difference in clothing and food in different climates and different places?

    2. The original migration was out of Africa. Eventually, people populated the globe, with the Americas and Australia being the last to be populated.

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    I appreciate the answer, but I don't need the insult. I am doing a lot of work and my brain is kind of fried right now.

  • AP World History -

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you.

    The principal of my granddaughters' high school told the students not to take AP history unless they really, really liked to read. My granddaughters took his advice, didn't take AP history, but excelled in AP English and math.

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    Yea, I am only in 9th grade, so History was the only AP I could take. I was recommended for it and was not asked if I wanted to be in it or not. I think the main problem is I used to never read in 8th and still get 100's. Now I have to read and I will have to get used to it.

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    Good luck! And thanks for the explanation.

    I certainly do not think that most 9th graders should be taking a college level class!

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    I took college levels classes AT A COLLEGE beginning when I was 13 years old and I accumulated over 40 credits toward college before I was 18 years old.

    Don't let anyone tell you you can't understand college materials.

    Before you search the text of your textbook for answers, use Google. Google searches the whole Web to find the BEST answers to your question and YOU choose your reading material from among the Google search results, based on what YOU most want to read and what YOU can most easily understand.

    If you google the terms "climate," "geography," and "migration," you will rapidly find a number of articles that answer your question. Read the article that is from a respected source (e.g. New York Times, PBS, BBC) and you'll quickly find something that answers your question.

    Reading a text book looking for particular words is so 18th Century! Now, we have computers to search texts for keywords! Don't be textbook bound!

    In college, they're going to ask you to do your own research and choose your own sources, so why not start now? It's easier, faster, more fun, and you'll learn much more! If your textbook doesn't have searchable text, then search the Web for the information you need!

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