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I noticed I misspelt a few words. I'm posting it to you again.

1) During the long reign of Queen Victoria artists reacted differently to the new world shaped by the Industrial Revolution.
2) In particular, some grew/were (?) dissatisfied with Victorian materialism and found inspiration for their works in the past, particularly in medieval Italian paintings.
3) These artists used a techinique similar to that used by painters who worked before Raphael, the great Italian artist.
4) For this reason, this movement, which was formed in 1848, was called the Pre-Raphaelites. They depicted objects in a very clear way and every object and person was chosen for its (?) symbolic meaning, as in the Middle Ages.
5) They wanted to convey a moral message through their works. The painter turned into a sort of priest, though his works often had a sensual connotation.
6) The Pre-Raphaelites paved the way for the Aesthetic Movement of the 1870s.
Dorian bases his life on the pursuit of pleasure, following Huysmans's aesthetic ideal. His devotion to art brings him to death.

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    1. Comma needed

    2. OK

    3. OK

    4. Comma needed in 2nd sentence

    5. OK

    6. Huyysmans' (no extra "s" needed here)

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