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help me rewrite this disorganised memo

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because independence eve falls on a friday the day has been designated a saturdayfor workpurposes.Factories will close all day with stores open a half day only.saturday october 9,has been designated a sundaay with both factories and stores closed all day.Monday October 11 will be a wednesday for work purposes.Wednesday october 13 will be a business friday.Saturday october 16 wll be a sunday and sunday october 17 will be a monday.

  • help me rewrite this disorganised memo -

    We'll be glad to HELP you with this assignment.

    If you'll post your rewritten memo, we'll be glad to critique it and suggest improvements if necessary.

  • help me rewrite this disorganised memo -

    1. Put capital letters where they are needed.

    2. Put correct punctuation in wherever needed.

    3. Put a space after each period, comma, etc.

    4. Make sure you have no run-ons or fragments.

    Use this index to find explanations and examples of the things you have questions about:

    Re-post when you're ready.

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