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which of the follwing is not a drawback associated with anecdotal notes?
(a)significant events can happen to children on days when youre not writing about them
(b)theres a tendency to write about interesting events as opposed to developmentally-significant events
(c)they indicate for which children additional note-taking may be necessary
(d)information might not be comprehensive if the process is done ramdomly
my answer is a

the current philosophy reguarding inclusion advocates that children with diverse abilities be ?
(a)provided with the services necessary to enable them to function in a regular environment
(b0directed to the best special-needs environment already in existence for them
(c)placed in the regular school setting without ant special services
(d)grouped in separate learning environments within the regular school
my answer is a

  • educating young children PART1 -

    #1 is asking what is NOT a drawback. It's not a.

    #2 - I agree with you.

  • educating young children PART1 -

    would number 1 be b

  • educating young children PART1 -

    Yes!! 1 is b!

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