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My answers:
1. Enhance
2. Discern
3. Mobile
4. Orient
5. Attributes
6. Exemplify
7. Dispatch
8. Enigma
9. Attest
10. Nocturnal

1-2 Because Helen Keller could not hear or see, the keenness of her other senses was____(e)d by use. It is said that she could___ who was in the room simply by using her sense of smell.

3-4 A ___ Robot that collects and deliver mail throughout the office building ___s itself with electric eyes.

5-6 In fables, animals often illustrate human ___s. In the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise is meant to ___ the human qualities of being slow but steady. Despite competing against a much speedier antagonist, he perseveres and defeats the overly confident hare.

7-8 The reason the boss likes to ___ Oliver on lengthy errands is no ___. Everyone knows that the office functions better with Oliver out of the way.

9-10 Anyone who has ever gone to college can ___ to the fact that during final exams, many students become ____ animals. They study all night before an exam and then, once the test is over, sleep the rest of the day.

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    Excellent! All are correct.

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    Thank you so much. May God bless you!

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    You're very welcome.

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    1 enhance
    2 Discern
    3 Mobile
    4 Orient
    5 Attributes
    6 Exemplify
    7 Dispatch
    8 Enigma
    9 Attest
    10 Nocturnal

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