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I having difficulties finding information for the following task.

The Institutional Policy Review Team has asked you to prepare an employee training session on institutional, professional, and personal ethical standards and dilemmas with respect to privacy of medical information, medical privileges and credentials, the law of tort liability, and obligations to provide care.

•Summarize these issues, and present a plan to ensure that your institutional policies conform to professional health care standards on these issues.
◦If you are not currently employed by a health care institution, find one in your area, and write this on behalf of this institution.
•Be sure to explain the key debates for each issue, including the unique ethical dilemmas they each present.
•Describe the professional standards that exist to address these dilemmas.
•Describe specific steps that management can take to model and uphold these standards.

Can someone help me on this.


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    If you need help learning how to search, including how to choose good search terms, go here and scroll down to the links under HOW TO SEARCH THE INTERNET:

    Also try searching here:

    or here:

    or here:
    At this page, you have more control over the words you do and don't want included in your search. Use the first search box (all these words) for the words you want included, and the fourth box for words you don't want included in the search.


    And finally ... do you have access to a college or public library? Even if you go to the library only once to get a library card/number, you should be able to get the usernames and passwords so you can access the huge databases most libraries subscribe to these days. You'll often find better information through them than through general searches on the Internet.

    Here is an example -- one college's library website (but public libraries usually have many of these, too): (Broken Link Removed)
    Click on Electronic Resources/Databases to see the different databases this particular college provides for its students. EBSCOhost, ProQuest, and are among the largest and best.

    What does your library provide? That's a good place to research.

  • Healthcare Management -

    I know how to research information on the internet; but the topics that I am looking for are hard to find.

  • Healthcare Management -

    There's no way, in 8 minutes, that you could have gone through all the different things I've suggested.

    Have you tried out the search device? Or Google Advanced?

    Have you gone into the site to get ideas about coming up with effective search terms and specialty search sites for YOUR topic?

    Have you checked out your local or college library?

    No one here is going to do your research for you. Only YOU can decide what you're searching for.

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