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Word Problems

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Will someone please write an expression for these? I am horrible at this, i will solve them though.

1.) Logan withdrew $32 from her bank account. After her withdrawal, her balance was $8. How much was originally in her account?

2.)The baseball birthday batter package at a minor league ballpark costs $192. The package includes tickets, drink, and cake for a group of 16 children. What is the cost per child?

3.)After taxes,Alexandras take-home pay is 7/10 of her salary before taxes. If her take-home pay was $392, what was her salary before taxes?

4.)Your weight on the moon is about 1/6
of your weight on Earth. If a person weighs 16 pounds on the moon, what is his weight on earth?

5.)Paul bought a student discount card for the bus. The card cost $7, and it allows him to buy daily bus passes for only $1.50. in his first month, Paul spent a total of $29.50 to ride the bus. How many daily bus passes did he buy?

6.)Jennifer is saving money to buy a bike. The bike costs $245. She has $125 saved, and each week she adds $15 to her savings. How many weeks will it take Jennifer to save enough money to buy the bike?

  • Word Problems -

    What do you mean "write an expression?"
    1. $38 + $8 = $46


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    Like, so i can solve it.

  • Word Problems -

    I will do a few.

    1) Balance-32=8

    6) 245=15*weeks+125

    4. WeightonEarth*1/6=16

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    thank you! how would you solve 1/6e = 16?

  • Word Problems -

    multply each side by six.

  • Word Problems -

    thank you so much, i am having hard times with number 3 though.Can you please hint me some info on how to write it?

  • Word Problems -


    0.7x = 392

    Bryce -- these don't look like h.s. senior problems.

  • Word Problems -

    Its for Jacob, i use jiskha as a resource for stuff i don't know. I tutor only Biology and English, very little math.

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