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Convert each of the following measurements to its equivalent in metres.

A. 1.1cm

B. 76.2 pm

I don't get how to convert :\

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    1 meter = 100 cm

    1.1 / 100 = 0.011 m

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    But the answer says, its supposed to be : 1.1 * 10^-2m

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    pico means 10-12 meter

    76.2m * (10^12 picometers/meter)

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    1.1cm*1m/100cm=.011 meter, and in scientific notation,1.1*10^-2 m or in exponential notation, 1.1E-2 meters.

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    This is really confusing. For number 2, it says that the answer is supposed to be : 76.2 * 10^-11

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    oops, I erred , I read it as 76m to pm

    76.2pm*(10^-12 m/pm)=76.2E-12 m and in scientific notation, 7.62*10^-11 m.

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