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At 473 K, for the elementary reaction
2NOCl <=> 2NO + Cl_2

k(1) =0.078 L/mol*s
k(-1)=470 L^2/mol^2*s

A sample of NOCl is placed in a container and heated to 473 K. When the system comes to equilibrium, [NOCl] is found to be 0.49 mol/L. Find Cl_2 and NO concentrations

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    concentration of Cl2 will be 0.0084 mol/L
    concentration of NO will be 0.017mol/L

    This is because there are two moles of NO but only one mol of Cl2. We obtain the concentration of Cl2 by calculating the number of moles (from the ratio) and dividing this by the volume you calculate

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