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hi is there any kind of way to calm yourself when you're so stressed out with homework and have to study for tests. I currently have so much
homework everyday. please somebdy help me try to calm myself, i am so stressed out! Thank you!

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    This website gives you a long-term plan for becoming a good student. Don't try to pick and choose which to pay attention to and which to ignore. Go through this, from top to bottom, WITH ONE OF YOUR PARENTS.

    You are apparently dealing with something that cannot be solved in one evening. Please take advantage of all the good ideas in this website, and retrain yourself so you don't end up in a panic ever again.

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    In addition to Writeacher's excellent advice, remember that you are probably tired. Everyone is overly tired the first couple of weeks of school because it's such a change from vacation. A new teacher I know posted on Facebook on Friday: "Is it too early to go to bed at 7 p.m.?" Try to get as much sleep as possible. Seventh graders need 8 or 9 hours of sleep a night.

    Use this weekend to read and plan to follow the advice in the above website.

    Let us know in a couple of weeks if you're feeling less stressed.

  • an all 7th gradesubjects -

    oh okay thank you!

  • an all 7th gradesubjects -

    oh yes one more thing writeacher but what do we read on that website?

  • an all 7th gradesubjects -

    You're welcome.

  • an all 7th gradesubjects -

    You and your parents -- click on the links, one at a time and read and make plans. Don't try to do all of them all at once. Start at the top and take maybe one or two each few days or week.

  • an all 7th gradesubjects -

    oh thank you!

  • an all 7th gradesubjects -

    You're welcome. Do well!

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    Take a few weekends off, also if you have a test on Wednesday, study on Saturday. Do homework for the next day on free days. Also, see your school counselor for advice. if you feel you have to much homeowrk, you can also talk to your teacher.

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