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Hi we just relexive verbs and I'm already stuck Please check this answer

¿Cómo te llamas?

1. Me llamas Isabel

2.Te llamas Isabel

3.Te llamo Isabel

4.Me llamo Isabel
Would it be "Me llamo Isabel?" because Te llamo Isabel is the usual way Also Te gustan los deportes?
Would I say
Si(accent over i), me gustan los deportes. or do I need the te in place of "me"
Sorry to act so dumb but I'm confused

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    So I didn't mean to put Te llamo Isabel as the usual way, I meant to say Me llamo Isable is the way I think we put it because that wouldn't involve reflexive in this case, I don't think.

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    ¨Cómo te llamas¨ directly translates to ¨what do you call yourself?¨

    Me llamo is correct because it means ¨I call (llamo) myself (me) Isabel¨.

    Te llamas Isabel is ¨you call yourself Isabel¨, while Me llamas Isabel means ¨you call me Isabel¨

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    Also, you would put ¨me gustan los deportes¨, for the same reason (I like sports, not).

    Te Gustan is ¨do you like sports¨

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    Thank you for answering

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    Reflexive verbs look like regular -ar, -er, -ir verbs (if they are regular) or stem-changing verbs (o-ue, e-ie, e-i) with one additional step. That is the reflexive pronoun referring back to the subject.

    yo me
    tu te
    él/ella, usted = se
    nosotros/nosotras nos
    vosotros/vosotras os
    ellos/ellas/ustedes = se

    Please repost any questions you have on Reflexive Verbs.

    As for the verb "gustar" if you learn the meaning as "to be pleasing to..." you will understand how ONE thing IS pleasing = me gusta helado / and TWO or more things ARE pleasing = me gustan deportes.


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