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(CH3)N2H2(l) + 2N204(g) = 3N2(g) + 4H2O(l) + 2CO2(g).

consider the reaction b2n 150g of liquid (CH3)N2H2 & 80L of N2O4 at 27 degree celcius & a pressure of 2 atm. The gases produced are collected at 27 degree celsius in an evacuated 250L. Calculate:

a) Partial pressure of nitrogen produced.

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    You need to do the following:
    1. Convert 80L N2O4 at the conditions listed to moles. Use PV = nRT and solve for n.
    2. Use stoichiometry to determine the moles N2 produced. Here is an example problem, worked, that shows how to do stoichiometry.
    3. Use PV = nRT to convert moles N2O4 at whatever conditions you wish (which the problem doesn't make clear) and solve for P.
    By the way, note the correct spelling of celsius.

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