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I left out the following sentences. i have problems in finding appropriate reporting verbs and linkers. Thank you.

1) Outside the church there was a big stone with a sword in it. These words were written on the stone: "He who pulls the sword out of this stone is the true king of Britain".
2) Indirect speech: On the stone was it was written that he who pulled the sword out of that stone was (or would be?) the new king of England.
3) King Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone without difficulty and became the new king of Britian.
4)All the noblemen were suprised at his strength. Arthur didn't want to abandon Sir Ector, who he believed to be his father.
5) Sir Ector confessed to Arthur that the magician Merlin brought him to his house when he was born. Sir Ector added that it was Arthur's duty to go and lead Britain.Young Arthur became first a knight and then king of Britain.
6) Arthur went to live at Camelot and his first years as king were difficult. On the one hand, he had to fight against many enemies from other lands and on the other hand some noblemen of his own court caused trouble because they didn't want to obey a young king.
(or his kingdom was troubled by the clash with the noblemen of his court..?)

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    2. Better:
    On the stone was written that whoever pulled...

    4. whom he believed...

    5. Clarify the "he" and "him" and other pronouns.

    6. Commas are needed; also this is far too long for one sentence. Revise so there are two sentences here.

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