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5 hockey pucks and three hockey sticks cost $23 5 hockey pucks and I hockey stick cost $20. How much does 1 hockey puck cost? I know that I cost $3.50 but idk how to get that answer

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    Let hockey pucks be a
    let honey sticks be b
    1st eqn --> 5a + 3b = 23
    2nd eqn --> 5a + b = 20
    Eqn 1 - eqn 2 will give you
    2b = 3
    Hence b, which is one honey stick will cost 3/2 which is $1.50
    Substituting b = 1.5 into eqn two will give u the answer the question is asking for
    try it for yourself. (:
    answer is $3.70 btw.

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