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I am getting so confused with my math problems... Can you help me please?... The question is - Rounded to the nearest ten I am 800. I am not odd. All of my places have a value greater than 0. The number in my ones place is 1 less than the number in my tens place...

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    The number must be one of these:

    796, 798, 802, 804

    We can eliminate the last two.

    What is the number?

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    I am so sorry, but I am still confused especially when I read the last part of the problem... The number in my ones place is 1 less than the number in my tens place...

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    796 >> 9 is in the tens place; 6 is in the 1s in the ones place.
    9 - 6 = ?

    Which number is in the tens place?
    Which number is in the ones place?

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