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Math !!!!!!!!

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Ok i have a Summer Math Assignment & i really need help on this qs.
it's part B of the qs. so i'll show you the whole thing

Part 2. Extended Reponse Qs. (2 points each)
Answer each qs.. Show all Work

Qs. 5 Adrian correctly solved two equations in math class.

Part A: What value did Adrian find for n in her first equation? (i solved this problem already)

38 + n = 57
38 - = - 38
n = 19

srry it look a bit confusing i can't do it on a computer
i cross out the 38 + & 38 -
i subtract 57 & 38 which i got 19

Part B: What value did she find for y in her second equation?

- = 103

i kno this is NOT a do homework for kids site but i really need help

i really forgot how to do it
i look through my notes (gr. 6th this packet is imcoming 7th grade) but not there


just show step by step how to do it
u don't have to tell me the answer cuz that woundn't b fare for you guys
i find the answer myself
just show me step by step how to do this

Thank You (for the ppl who r going to answer this)

Happy Labor Day by the way :)

:) :) :)

  • Math !!!!!!!! -

    Part A is correct.

    Part B: What value did she find for y in her second equation?

    - = 103

    Multiply both sides of the equation by 5.

    y = 103 * 5
    y = 515

    Happy Labor Day to you, too. :-)

  • Math !!!!!!!! -

    Oh i get now you multiply 103 x 5 to find the y ok

    thank you !!!! :)

    oh can you answer my other one (Math!)


    :) :) :)

  • Math !!!!!!!! -

    You're welcome, Gen.

  • Math !!!!!!!! -

    :) :) :)

  • Math !!!!!!!! -

    38+n=57 is let me solve for you step by step:n+38=57 subtract from
    -38 -38 both sides

    then you get the answere of 57-38 wich =19
    by the way im in 8th grade :D

  • Math !!!!!!!! -

    I already did that
    you did wazzz Part A
    i needed help on Part B
    but thx for helping

    Good Luck in gr. 8th
    Do well so that way you go high level classes easily in high skool

    by the way i'm in 7th grade (well right now cuz i start 7th grade this wednesday)

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