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What do you do at the school's newspaper????
What kind of jobs do they assign????
Any artictles ideas ????

You i'm joining the school's newspaper cause i luv writing a lot :)

plzz answer these question that will be very helpful & nice if you guys answer these questions

i went to my school webiste they don't have the info only the adviser also i tried googling NOTHING HELP

Thank you for the ppl who are answering these qs.

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    Gen -- I know you're excited and worried about starting 7th grade, but relax! You'll find all of the answers to your questions in the next few days.

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    ok srry to bother you tutors
    i was just being curious this have nothing to do with being xcited or worried about 7th grade

    but thx :)
    first day of clubs is next monday :)

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    never mind about it i found from info.

    yes !!!! :)

    this website is really kool but only for to help kids with their homework :)

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