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I tried to summarize briefly Scotland's history. Can you please have a look at it? Which form is correct: in 9th century/in the ninth century?
6th century (AD): 500-599 (is it correct?)
9th century (AD): 800-899
10th century: 900-999

1) The first inhabitants of Scotland were the Picts and the Scots. The former were of Celtic origin whereas the latter came from Ireland.
2) In 120 AD the Roman Emperor Hadrian had a wall built to keep the Scottish out. In the sixth century Christianity was introduced into Scotland by Irish missionaries.
3) In 9th century Scotland was united under the same King for the first time to fight off the Vikings. These were finally defeated in the 10th century.
10th they managed to repulse the Vikings.
4) In 1018 the Scottish King Malcolm II defeated the Northumbrians. His grandson became his successor as Duncan I. In 1040 Duncan was killed by his general, Macbeth. Macbeth ruled until 1057, when he was defeated by Duncan’s son Malcolm III Canmore.
5) Macbeth spent many years in exile and eventually married an English princess. In the 13th century the English King Edward I invaded Scotland and seemed to have defeated the country.
6) 1314 the Scots rebelled and defeated the English Army. After this battle Scotland and England remained two separate countries for nearly 300 years.

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    "in the ninth century" = correct
    (But then you'd say, "In 9th century Rome...")

    6th century (AD): 501-600
    9th century (AD): 801-900
    10th century: 901-1000
    Remember: The first century didn't start with year 0!! It started with year 1. So the 1st century included the years 1-100, and all the others fall into that pattern.

    1. comma needed

    2. commas needed

    3. comma needed, no capital on "King" unless you're naming a specific king.

    4. commas needed; one comma not needed

    5. comma needed; I'd say "defeated the Scots" or "conquered the country."

    6. missing word at the beginning; commas needed

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