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ok i'm going 2 the 7th gr. this week & i'm done with my summer reading. I just read 2 books this is my second book assignment so is this is good or not (if it need some grammar.


The Skin I'm In
By: Sharon G. Flake

Main Events
Every day in her life Maleeka Madison suffers when her classmates are making fun of her about her dark skin. Until a new English teacher name Ms. Saunders, whose face is blotched with a startling white patch shows up at her school. Maleeka knows that there will be a lot of trouble for her. Maleeka was surprise that Ms. Saunders love the skin she's in, but Maleeka doesn't feel the same way, she was before her father died, now everyone is making fun of her skin. In the middle of the story Maleeka tries to be friends with the most popular girl in the 7th grade, Charelse Jones, only to make her life easier, but Char make a deal with Maleeka that if she do her homework she'll stick it up for her & that Maleeka can hang out with her. Maleeka goes along with Char & gets in trouble (a lot). Maleeka end up working in the office for her punishment since she was in a fight with Daphne since she thinks that she kiss her boyfriend Worm even thought she didn't it was Char. Maleeka life started to get even worse. One day when Ms. Saunders got Charelse & her sister Juju really mad Char plans to give Ms. Saunders revenge. One night Char & the twins include Maleeka (Char force her to come along) came to the school then sneak to Ms. Saunders's classroom & destroy everything, at first Maleeka just stand there watching them destroying things until Char force Maleeka to burn Ms. Saunders's money she refused but then Char threaten her to do it or else she'll jack her up. Maleeka burn the money until the hole classroom went on fire Char says that she is in big trouble then she & the twins escape. The janitor found Maleeka & saw her what she did then Maleeka ran out of the building & run home crying crazy. The next day her mother found out what she done she started crying & whopped her. Now Maleeka is suspended from school & have to own the school 2,000 for the damage. A few days later, Ms. Saunders came to Maleeka's home to have a talk with her. She told Maleeka that rumors are spread around the school that it was Charelse idea who destroy her classroom. Ms. Saunders ask for the truth what really happen but Maleeka refuse to tell her cause if she did tell on Char, Char will kick her butt for good. Ms. Saunders said that it was ok to tell her the truth but Maleeka did told the truth but lied & told her to leave her alone. At the end of the story at Ms. Saunders's classroom since Maleeka & Char had to come to school explain how this happen, Maleeka stand up to Char (since Char insulted her) telling her that it was her idea & that she & the twins put her up to this mess, also that she is the skin she in. A week passes, Raina & Raise got suspended & Char was expelled & that her sister Juju send her to live with her grandparents in Alabama.

Character Development : (How did the character changes throughout the story ?)
Every day in Maleeka's life everyone started to make fun of her about her dark skin. She hated the skin was in, she just wish she had a lighter skin like she best friend Sweets so that way no one will make fun of her. To make her life easier she started to hang out with Char, the most popular girl in the 7th grade. Throughout the story Maleeka went along with Char & the twins which got into a lot of trouble. After Ms. Saunders's classroom on fire incident Maleeka realize that if she keep hanging around with Char she'll get to more trouble, her life will be ruin & that she should be happy the skin she's in. At the end she yelled at Char (in front of Ms. Saunders which us pretty much telling on her) on how she & the twins got her to this mess & that this is the skin she's in & she is glad. So Char got expelled & the twins got suspended.

This book take place at McClenton Middle School & Maleeka's home.

The main theme of the book is bullying. The reason why it's bullying is because most of the time in the book Maleeka is getting bullied & tease a lot from her classmates about how dark her skin is.

Thank You if you answer this :)

also how to surive the 7th gr plzzz answer
tips on ...

Home Ec.
Social Studies

What is Content Support & what do you do ????

plzzz answer this ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think you should turn in your report just as it is. Yes, there are some mistakes, but your teacher wants to see them now. By knowing your mistakes, s/he can plan how to best help you this year.

    I taught 7th grade for many years. The best way to survive and be happy is to do your homework carefully and pay attention in class.

    I don't know how your school defines content support, but I'm sure you'll find out soon.

    Good luck -- and if you have any more questions, please post them here. We'll try to help you.

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    thank you soo much :)

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    You're very welcome. :-)

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    oh by the way this is not a bk report i just hav 2 tak notes on the second week of skool we hav 2 write a book report

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    help me pleasee.

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