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Thank you Mr. bobpursley. I am still unclear on a few things.
solve for Tf

17.75g ethanol x(Tf-7.7)+31.6g water x (Tf-27.1)=0

This is the algebra that I do not know how to derive to move to the next step. Do I add it all to the other side of the equation or do I divide by everything on the left except for Tf?

Thanks again

  • chemistry f/u -

    This is pretty basic algebra.

    Tf[17.75*Ceth +31.6*Cwater] -17.7(Ceth)(7.7) - 31`.6*Cwat*27.1=0

    check that.

    then add the last two terms to both sides.

    Then, divide both sides by the quantity in [].

    If you really can't do this level of algebra, you need a math tutor now, or chemistry will increasingly grow onerous.

    Math is the language for chemicalreactions.

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