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Algebra 2

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Need help PLEASE!! Question is:
There is no Closure Property of Division that applies to Integers. For example 2 divided by 3 is not an interger. What is another example of real numbers that does not have a Closure Property for one of the basic operations? Give an example to illustrate your claim.

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    2011/0 is not real number

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    If we restrict ourselves to positive integers, then subtraction does not have a closure property, for example:
    5-7=-2 ∉ N.

    If we are dealing with real numbers, division does not have closure property, because we cannot divide by zero.

    On the other hand, non-zero real numbers are closed under division.

    Real numbers are not closed under square-root, because the square-root of a negative number is complex.
    √(-4) = 2i
    -4 is real, 2i is complex.

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