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Could you check these sentences on Oscar Wilde's "The Picture..", please?
Thank you.

1) In the first chapter Lord Henry was relaxing on a divan smoking.
Basil Hallward sat looking at his work smiling.
2) Lord Henry said that the portrait should be exhibited at the Grosvenor. Basil replied that the portrait contained a lot of himself. He was afraid it showed the secret of his heart.
3) However Lord Henry said that Basil and the man in the portrait were different. Actually, Basil’s hair was black while the man in the portrait had fair hair.
4) Another difference was that Basil has a strong face but the man’s features were delicate.Basil’s expression was intellectual.
The man in the portrait was young and beautiful.
5) According to Lord Henry painters are odd people since they did anything in the world to become famous and when they were famous they were not happy.
Basil and Dorian met at a party at Lady Brandon’s.
6) Basil’s first reaction was fear, because he knew he had met someone whose personality could absorb his soul and his art. Dorian was his inspiration and was necessary to him and his art. 7) He is all his art to him now. Since he met him he has created the best work of his life. The relationship between Basil (the painter) and Dorian (the sitter) is not one of equal feelings and represents a series of opposites: Basil adores Dorian and has to see him every day, as he is absolutely necessary also for his art.

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    Read all these aloud to someone (or ask someone to read them aloud to you). Correct any errors you HEAR. Then re-post the 4 or 5 or fewer that you TRULY question.

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