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Select the phrase below that uses the least biased language:

1.When greeting your new boss, be sure and shake his hand.
2.The linguists received their training at Oxford.
3.Mankind should celebrate this invention.
4.Due to the bravery of the fireman, the young child was rescued.

I am thinking its the last one, but then I go back and think its the 3rd one. I am not 100% sure

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    Which sentence has NO REFERENCE of any kind to male or female?

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    Which of the following words is the most abstract?

    African-American literature
    Toni Morrison
    college degree

    I think college degree, because you can see it and touch one, but also I am unsure who Toni Morrison is and you can probably see them.

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    Both 3 and 4 show biased language.

    3. Why shouldn't women celebrate this invention too?

    4. Are only men firefighters?

    Look at the first two sentences. Which one does not assume the gender of the people involved?

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    No, "college degree" is not the most abstract. Neither is Toni Morrison because she's a real person!

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    Thank you ms. sue

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    You're welcome.

    Did you understand Writeacher's answers?

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    The first one yes, second didn't help as much, but I figured it out.

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