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i need help with my homework. i'm supposed to form sentences using indirect object pronouns and the present tense of the verbs, but i keep getting the answers wrong i do not know what i'm doing incorrect.

1.Carmen y Sofía / mostrar / las fotos / a Milena
*my answer* carmen y sofía le muestran las fotos

2.nosotros / vender / ropa / a los clientes
*my answer* nosotros les vendemos ropa

3.Javier / prestar / el abrigo / a Gabriel
*my answer* javier le presta el abrigo

thank you so much for the help =)

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    1. correct
    2. just add "la" ropa
    3. correct and you can still add either "a Gabriel" or "a él."

    le can mean to him, to her so if you ad "a él" there will be no confusion.

    Also, with #2 you could add "a los clientes" or "a ellos" because les could mean to you-all as well as to the.


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    all correct
    1 Carmen y Sofía les muestran las fotos a Milena.
    2 Nosotros vendemos ropa a los clientes or Nosotros les vendemos la ropa a los clientes or Nosotros, a los clientes, les vendemos la ropa. There are a little contextual diference.
    3 Javier le presta el abrigo a Gabriel (or a él as say SraJMcGin).

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    1.Javier / prestar / el abrigo / a Maripili

  • Spanish -

    javier le presta el abrigo a maripili

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