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I left out the following descriptions of the room. Thank you very much for your invaluable help.

1) I left out the following description of the room.
The rooms are all set in a way that one cannot see from one room to another; besides, each room has a Gothic window (of stained glass) and ornaments of the same colour.
2) Only the last one is all black with a red window. All the guests are enjoying themselves and dancing. However, when a clock with a pendulum strikes the hours, the orchestra stops playing and the people stop dancing, as if they were all frozen.
3) They are disconcerted and become pale. They all resume their activities as soon as the clock finishes chiming. 4) When the clock strikes midnight, they notice the presence of a masked figure. He is covered in blood and wears a red, grave-like costume and a mask on his face that makes him similar to a dead man.
5) The windowpanes and the ornaments of the first room are blue, of the second red, of the third green , of the fourth orange, of the fifth white and of the sixth violet.
6) There are no candles in the rooms but only a tripod with a brazier of fire which illuminates the room producing fantastic shapes.

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    1 - 4 = See your last post.

    5. comma needed after "white"

    6. comma needed after "rooms"

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