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Anyway i can fix this? tips? advice? Indian Stereotypes
By: Bryce Romig
“How about you go back to your own country?” a woman said as she line jumped a Lakota Indian woman in a grocery store line. The woman was judging someone she doesn’t personally know, based on her race. Stereotypes of any kind are wrong. They are misjudging someone because of his or her culture, enthicity, or race. Stereotypes often tend to be untrue; they are a false view of someone. There are some extreme stereotypes associated with Indians, and it’s our job to help end them.
Most people generally think of Indians as wild or violent. Most of the time, the people putting them down because of this stereotype has no clue on who they are, and just base everything off facts they’ve heard, and media. Indians these days are just like you and me, typical people. Most people even think that they once lived in a different country, which is also false because they were some of the first people in this country. See how stereotypes do no good? We need to put an end to these, fast.
The Indians however do play a role in this. It is an issue when it’s abusive or violent, but most of the time they should just try to ignore stereotypes. They should just completely block them out, especially since they do no good. They shouldn’t ever feel ashamed for being who they are, and what their culture is when they can’t help who they are. We should make them feel proud of who they are, not bring them down with misjudgments. People often think they can just pick and choose who they are and what their culture is. They should always be proud of their culture, and like who they are.
Always be proud of who you are, and don’t let any stereotype or misjudgment bring you down. Indians are just as human as us, even though they look different. People often view themselves higher then Indians because they are a different race, even though all men were created equal. I think if we get the facts straightened out about Indians, and other cultures that are misjudged, that we can put an end to this hate and judgment once in for all.
When it all comes down to it, Indians are just like you and me, constantly trying to fit in. Stereotypes are wrong, so try to avoid using them as much as possible. You never know when you’re going to hurt someone. You can’t help who you are, or what your culture is, so take pride in that, and show people being you is great, and together we can stop stereotypes and hate.

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    In order to help fix the POV problem -- http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/composition/subject_object.htm -- go through your whole paper and make sure there are no instances of any form of I, we, or you.

    Revise to straighten out POV and repost.

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    thank you so much:)

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    Be sure to repost when you're ready.

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