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The inverse of conditional A is given below. Write conditional A, its converse,and its contrapositive. Explain your reasoning.
If I received a detention,then I did not arrive at school on time.

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    p=I receive a detention
    q=I did not arrive at school on time

    the given proposition is therefore:

    contrapositive = ¬q -> ¬p

    inverse = ¬p -> ¬q
    converse = q -> p

    1. the inverse of the inverse of A is A itself.
    2.the proposition and its contrapositive are logically equivalent.
    3.the inverse and the converse are logically equivalent. BUT the proposition and the converse are NOT logically equivalent.

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    Can you explain if you still have problems?
    This response answers the question you had in the other post under the name of Cassie.

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