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Please help me answer this question;

1.A metal gutter open at the tops and ends, is bent up from material 30 cm wide to form a rectangular cross section.
a) If the base of the gutter is x cm wide, find the height of the gutter.
b)Show that the area of the gutter cross section is given by A = 15x - x^2/2.


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    Make a sketch of the cross-section
    I would assume the you are bending the 30 cm wide piece so that the two sides of the gutter are of equal height.
    then if the base is x cm, then the height must be (30-x)/2 or 15 - x/2 or 15 - (1/2)x

    Area = base x height
    = x(15 - x/2) = 15x - x^2/2

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    thank you very much for your help.

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