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I left out the following sentences. Thank you. (They refer to the same summary)

1)Though the narrator got frightened the captain decided to sail. (OR The captain decided to sail, despite the narrator’s fears.
2) He felt uneasy and couldn’t sleep. So he went upon deck at midnight. He heard a loud, humming noise.
3) All of a sudden the sea had grown and big waves had invaded the ship.
Luckily, the ship lifted from the sea and regained her right position (Or returned to her correct position?). He was struck (surprised?) to see the foaming ocean around him.
4) He soon discovered that he was the only survivor of the shipwreck together with a Swede, who had shipped with them at the moment of leaving the port. All the other members of the crew had died swept away by the sea.
5)They saw the ship hadn’t been badly damaged. They sailed at high speed for 5 days and nights. On the fifth day the sun gave out no light, it was very cold and extremely windy.
6) All of a sudden they saw a gigantic ship nearby. The ocean current became stronger and rougher.
7) heir ship sank, as it was hit by the other ship. The Swede died and the narrator was thrown on board the unknown ship.

  1. Writeacher

    Change all main verbs to present tense. Then repost.

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