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can you please help me make these sentences better. i was just saying that p diddy and jay gatsby form the the book th great gastby are related because they both lose their father at a young age and are exposed to the scoity around them.

P Diddy relates to Gatsby because they both lived through similar child hood. Like Gatsby father, Dan Cody ; P diddy’s father , Melvin Earl Combs, were both murdered when Gatsby and P diddy were young kids.

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    P Diddy and Gatsby are comparable because they both lived through similar child hoods. Gatsby's father, Dan Cody, and P Diddy’s father, Melvin Earl Combs, were both murdered when their sons were young children.

    I took the slang and less formal language out and smoothed it all out into more standard English. Please compare the two (yours and mine) VERY carefully so you catch everything, including punctuation.

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    kk thank you

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