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literary themes understood by all people regardless of their background or the time they live in are
(b)skill-based(my answer)
(d)literature -based

what does the curriculum web show?
(a)how one theme unites different subjects (my answer)
(b)how one subject unites different themes
(c)how one theme united different grade levels
(d)how different grade levels look at the same topic

when are children first developmentally ready to begin a formal study of history?
(a)kindergarten(my answer)
(b)middle grades
(c)junior high
(d)high school

which of the following would you find in a new english and language atrs curriculum guidelines?
(a)an oral language program only at the primary grades
(b)a phonics program at all grades
(c)a writing program at all grades (my answer)
(d)a study of core literary works only in junior high

ms sue please check my answers

  • teachers aide curriculum comtent -

    I disagree with your answers for 1 and 3. I don't know about 4.

    On the history question -- young children have little time concept and don't really begin to grasp it until at least the middle grades. But my experience teaching 8th grade history is that this is the optimal age for beginning the formal study of history.

  • teachers aide curriculum comtent -

    The first one is definitely A and the third one is B. The other answers are correct. I just took the test.

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