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teacher aide language and other barriers

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to welcome a new asian student into your classroom it would be approporiate to?
(a)greet him or her warmly with a hug
(b)have the student introduce himself or herself to the class
(c)have the classmates great the new student by saying welcome in the childs naive tongue(my answer)
(d)host a surprise party or celebration in honor of the new student

a common stereotype against females is that they are ?
(b)passive (my answer)

according to james a banks one of the most important elements of a successful multicultural programs ?
(a)the teachers attitude towards diversity and ethnic content (my answer)
(b)having enough money to support a detailed program
(c)asking minority teachers to teach multicultural curriculum content
(d)community participation in your schools multicultural program

taking children on a field trip to a local senios center or nursing home is an activity you can use to diminish ?
(d)ageism (my answer)

thanks ms sue for all your help

  • teacher aide language and other barriers -

    All correct!

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