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teachers aide classroom management techniques

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according to the discipline model good classroom management is designed to do what?
(a)teach students to become managers
(b)impress the administration and parents
(c)teach the aide to become a manager
(d)protect the rights of others (my answer)

which of the following statements about behavior is true?
(a)all schools define misbehavior in the same way
(b)all behavior is motivated (my answer)
(c)all teachers have the same approach to classroom management
(d)misbehavior always indicates a problem within the student

according to rudolf driekure whats the best way to respond to a student who has a mistaken goal of seeking power?
(a) respond with acceptance and understanding
(b)never give up trying to support and encourage the student
(c)stop the lesson and make everyone wait till the misbehavior stops (my answer)
(d)ignore the misbehavior

please let me know if these questions are right

  • teachers aide classroom management techniques -

    I agree with your first two answers.

    But the third question is impossible to answer without additional information. Is the student misbehaving? In what way?

    Does Rudolf Driekure advocate stopping the lesson?

  • teachers aide classroom management techniques -

    In one of my very first classes, I had a y oung man just like that. I put him in charge of having everyone on task, and it was wonderful! ;)


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