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Two employees are painting wall. A takes twice as long as B to paint the same area. During a typical 8-hour day, A works the full 8 hours, but B takes a 2-hour break. A paints one way in a day.

How many walls do both employees paint together?

I need an explanation on how to set up the problem, please?

  1. drwls

    <<A paints one way in a day. >>

    Which way is that?

    Is "way" supposed to be "wall"?

    <<How many walls do both employees paint together? >>

    In how many days?

  2. Kyle


    It's supposed to be wall and how many walls they can paint in 1 day.

  3. drwls

    A paints one wall a day. You said that already.

    B, who is twice as fast, could paint two walls in an (eight hour) day, but he only works six hours. Therefore B paints 1.5 walls in an eight hour day.

    Together that paint 2.5 walls per day.

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