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Review the feedback provided by the Center for Writing Excellence and make corrections to your paragraph. When doing so, understand that WritePointSM may be helpful but is not always correct. Make the corrections you feel are appropriate. Underline topic sentence.

I found the feedback from WritePoint to be somewhat contradicting. I did not get much feedback although there were two parts that stood out and did not make any sense to me. It suggested that I change one of my words “sentences” to “sentenced”, another suggestion was to change “than” to “then”. I did not make those two changes, because I felt that the way I had written them was correct in the first place. My suggestion for someone when they are writing is to take their time and consider their word usage. If you become confused by a word then you should always refer to another source such as a dictionary or a thesaurus to assure yourself that you use the correct word in the right way. So with using another souse and having your writing done correctly in the first place you are less likely to have WritePoint pointing out what it believes to be errors that are actually correct.

Write a third and final paragraph in which describe your strategy for using WritePointSM in the future.
Include a discussion of how to accommodate submission and feedback time.
Underline your topic sentence

I have a couple of different strategies that I will be using with WritePoint in the future. One is to make sure that my paper is written to the best of my knowledge and ability before I submit it. I feel that by doing this I will reduce the amount of feedback along with the confusion that may come back with the feedback from WritePoint. If I find some of the feedback to be confusing then I will go to a different recourse such as a dictionary or thesaurus, before I make any changes to my paper. Another strategy of mine with WritePoint is to make sure that I have my work done early. That would allow enough time to submit my paper, have it checked, and turned in on time. I believe that with these strategies I will find WritePoint to be very helpful, easy to use, and understandable.

  1. Writeacher

    See your other post re your first paragraph here.

    Your second paragraph (strategy) is also fine. Just a few technical things to correct:

    comma after "confusing" in the 4th sentence

    "recourse" - word choice?? Do you mean "resource"? Add a comma here, too.

    Here is one of the best resources I've found online to help with grammar, usage, and writing:
    Choose what you need help with alphabetically -- for example, Commas.

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