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this pargraph is based on the nvel the great gatspy.

how do i make these two sentneces more advanced.

Similarly, it’s obvious like the rest of the novel that because Jordan and Nick have bright opinions about each other their relationship will eventually turns into darkness and fall apart. For a better understanding of why Jordan and Nick could not establish true love, they could be compared to Tom’s and Daisy’s relationship.

i want it to sound a little better... can you please help me THANKS!!!

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    Do you understand what you've written? I don't.

    Please write what you want in the simplest way possible. I'll be glad to comment on those sentences.

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    I was trying to say like because everything in the book that seems to shine ends up in a distater their realtionship will end the same way. gatspy party at his house, which was preety bright, ended in a distater because everyone got drunk. similarly, because jordan and nick have good,bright opinions on each other, it will also into darkness because they will get bored from each other. theydoont show true love, both just show affection towards eachother.

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    Ahh -- now I understand what you want to say.

    Because everything in the book that seems to shine ends up in a disaster their (whose? relationship will end the same way. Gatsby's party at his house, which was pretty bright, ended in a disaster because everyone got drunk.

    Please correct the capitalization and spelling for your other two sentences. Make sure you don't leave words out and that it's exactly what you mean.

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