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Your electronic business has just been selected as the center and wholesaler of a china brand of washing machine appliances. You are the manager at the same time supervisor and firm’s owner. You need to develop and oblige to build a customer service department to handle the repair and maintenance for this new product. Two of your technicians have been designated to that department.
The first technician proposes that the both of them to be sent to the company’s Head office in Beijing ,China to train on the service of the New Appliance.

The other technician dis agrees, saying that such skills could be acquired locally by studying the company s service manuals and training materials translated into English. Sending them to China would be more expensive. is also both of them have knowledge of the Mandarin and would not be able to communicate and understand such communication

1.Develop a work plan and time line for setting up the service department within 3 weeks duration.

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