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who administers the roman catholis schools in a diocese?
the religious community
director of education
board of education elected by church members

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    on the local level the public schools are

    run by whom?
    the principal
    the teachers
    the superintendant
    an elected school board.

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    in general a person who wants a job as a teacher aide in a public school should first contact
    the local school board
    the provincial ministry of education (my answer) please say if its wrong

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    your answer is wrong. Try principal.

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    which on of the following factors contributes to the importance of teachers aides in schools today?
    a decrease in the population
    the decline of women in the work force
    the financial crisis in the schools(my answer)
    reduced teachers salaries

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    I agree.

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    the kindergaten movement is important to the history of the teacher aide field because
    a)kindergartens employed the first teachers aide
    B)kindergartens made use of volunteers in the classroom(my answer)
    c)kindergartens relieved the teachers shortage
    D)in contribute to the increase in working mothers

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    in canada education is the responsibility of the
    a)federal government
    b)provincial government(my answer)
    c)municipal government
    d)parent committes

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    some provinces don't allow teacher aides to
    a)take attendance(my answer)
    b)aid in instructing a class
    c)monitor the halls
    d)supervise the bus

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    please help by checking my answers thank you so much

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    if you've been working on a particular examination question and you can't figure out the answer.what should you do?
    A)call the instructors and ask for answers or a page reference.
    B)put the exam away for a day or two and then review it again(my answer)

    which one of the following study materials is designed for use with a separate textbook?
    a)study guide(my answer)
    c)pratical erercise

    please help

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    on the local level the public schools are
    run by whom?
    a)the principal
    b)the teachers and the staff
    c)the superintendant
    d)an elected school board(my answer)

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